dm-drogerie markt

dm-drogerie markt is the largest drugstore chain in Europe which offers face, body and hair care products, beauty care products, baby care products, over-the-counter medicines, household care and specialty food products. With over 3,200 stores and 55,000 employees in twelve European countries, dm achieves an annual turnover which exceeds 9 billion HRK.

Founded in Germany in 1973, from the very beginning dm has built its success and reputation on recognizing and meeting the customers’ needs – in terms of product range and the quality of the service.

The first dm store in Croatia opened in May, 1996. dm has built its business in Croatia on solid foundations laid down at the group level, with special emphasis on corporate social responsibility and direct communication with customers. Twenty years after opening its first store in Croatia, with 155 stores and more than 1,200 employees in 60 cities, dm is the leading drugstore chain on the Croatian market.

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