Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. (RBA)

Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. (RBA) is the holder of many awards and a bank counting numerous domestic and international recognitions. Moreover, it is the first bank in Croatia founded with foreign capital, and, contrary to its competitors, it achieves its excellent results exclusively through organic growth. RBA is one of the leading banks on the territory of the Republic of Croatia. Because of it striving to fulfil the vision of an encompassing offer, RBA has often taken on the role of the forerunner in the process of the financial market development in Croatia. RBA offers fast and efficient business dealings in all segments, both on the domestic as well as on the international markets, and through its business network of 70 retail outlets it is present in 36 Croatian towns and provides various alternative service distribution channels. Along with RBA, the Raiffeisen Group in Croatia includes Raiffeisen Building Society, Raiffeisen Leasing, Raiffeisen Mandatory and Voluntary Pension Fund Management Company, Raiffeisen Pension Insurance Company, Raiffeisen Invest, Raiffeisen Consulting, Raiffeisen Factoring and Raiffeisen Bonus, together with an associate member – UNIQA Insurance. The competitive edge of the Raiffeisen Group members on the Croatian market is based on the standard of high quality and innovative services through advanced technological platforms provided by exceptional expert employee teams. In its business dealings the bank highlights a very high degree of flexibility in approach and a service offer created according to the clients’ individual needs. Flexibility is also the main advantage in terms of adjusting the bank’s business to the conditions of recession when the segment of business opportunities is narrowed considerably. However, our successful adjustment in such adverse conditions is considered to be the fundamental strength of the Raiffeisen Group members. RBA is committed to continuous development of new financial services and upgrading of the current ones addressed to all client segments.

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