Foreign Investor Council (FIC) was founded in January 2012 by eleven companies with the intention to start a constructive dialogue with the Government and other stakeholders in Croatia on how to improve the unfavorable business climate in Croatia, which adversely affects both domestic and foreign companies. While there are other organizations that are advocating the same or similar approach as FIC, we believe that international companies that do business in Croatia, with their views from abroad can contribute positively to the policy debate with the aim of achieving faster and more sustainable economic growth.

As a business association FIC is determined to contribute to creating a more investor friendly environment in Croatia and a more favorable climate for business in general. We believe that FIC has the right structure and strength that arises from the size, importance, knowledge and skills of the biggest corporates that operate in Croatia. Specifically, this means focusing on ensuring legal predictability, efficient administration, transparency and support on the national and local level – all that is necessary for Croatia to move forward and enable a business environment that would provide favorable climate for companies already operating here, as well as prove to be the right opportunity for other foreign and domestic companies to consider.

FIC believes that attracting foreign investments and encouraging present investors to develop their business are crucial for Croatian economy to generate growth in the long run. Foreign investors can play a major role in the economic recovery of Croatia by bringing fresh capital, new quality and environment protection standards as well as know-how, innovative technologies, new job openings and employee development programs.

Therefore, FIC promotes the common views of its members in order to express mutual interests which would lead to resolving challenges that appear or may appear in relation to foreign investments. Likewise, FIC engages in establishing communication with other foreign investors’ associations in order to exchange common practices and to contribute to strengthening the economy in Croatia as well as the region.

As a newest member of the European Union, Croatia became part of the most competitive market in the world. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on increasing its own competitiveness by ensuring a stable regulatory environment for investments and business in general, fostering innovation, research and development, and investing in human capital. FIC is convinced that the only sustainable way to achieve this is by cooperation and continuous dialogue between the business sector and policy makers.

After increasing its activities and publishing three editions of the White Book from 2013 to 2015, FIC was recognized by the Croatian Government, international organizations, general public and media as an important policy advising forum. The number of Croatian companies owned by foreign capital which are joining FIC is constantly growing and the organization now consists of 27 member companies which are ranked among top 100 Croatian companies.