Anita Letica, the fourth most powerful woman of Croatian business received a Lider statue


Business trips are not foreign to the President of the Board of Philip Morris Zagreb. She has grown accustomed to them in her long career, first as the regional director for 10 countries, and now as PMZ's leader. One such trip prevented her from attending the recently held 5th Lider conference “Women in Business”, in which a list of 300 most powerful women were presented, and awards for top 10 women managers in Croatia were given.

Anita Letica found herself for the first time in the company of the top 10 most powerful women in Croatian business due to the fact that she has become the CEO of Philip Morris Zagreb, company whose annual income last year was 265 million euros. The company, which is managed by part of the international corporation, and in Croatia, is winning a growing share of the market.