Siemens Industry Speed Conference


Successful companies are more prone to the application of new technologies to increase energy efficiency in the industry, according to the first study in this field in the Adria region, which involved more than 100 experts. The study was commissioned by Siemens and in-depth status report showed that in Croatia, the greatest potential lies in area of ​​energy savings because, although 73 percent of the total electricity consumption in the industry is used for electrical machines and electrical drives, most of the electric motor has high energy losses.

Cemex and Agrokor are among the companies that have invested in increasing efficiency and have received good results. It was pointed at the Siemens Industry Speed ​​Conference held in Opatija that Cemex achieved return on investment in only 13 months saving 6.3 gig watts hours in a year, while Agrokor saved 2.35 million euros in electricity consumption in just one year.

We have technologies that enable cost savings, but our technologies are useless if you do not use the message Mladen Fogec, CEO of Siemens Croatia, which points out that the industry can achieve exceptional savings, but emphasizes that even greater sector development could be supported by tax breaks or subventions.