Siemens Croatia achieved the best result ever achieved EHS at Siemens globally


Siemens globally conducted an internal inspection of its installed wind power in order to check the state of the wind farm, compliance with internal procedures and how to implement service projects. In this way Siemens worldwide monitor the quality of the implementation of the highest standards to its wind farms.

These results are measured in accordance with the system of regulations and controls that take into account issues of health, safety and the environment, and are called EHS (Eng. Environmental Protection, Health & Safety).

This year the Department for servicing of wind power (PS WP)Siemens Croatia achieved the best ever achieved EHS result at Siemens in the world on such inspections. The wind power Voštane-Kamensko meet the strict control with 99% of success, and Vp Zadar 4 with 98%.