Tele2 AB published consolidated business results for 2Q and first six months of 2012 – Tele2 Hrvatska continues with stable growth


Tele2 AB Group published today the consolidated business results for the second quarter and first six months of 2012. On the quartile level the Group had a 10 percent growth of income, with SEK 10 billion in the same quarter last year, to SEK 11 billion in 2Q 2012. EBITDA was lowered by 3%, with SEK 2.8 billion, to 2.7 billion.

On the semiannual level, business revenues of Tele2 AB increased by 9% and amount to SEK 21.5 billion (19.7 billion). On the semiannual level EBITDA decreased by 1%, from SEK 5.3 billion to SEK 5.2 billion.

Tele2 AB customer base grew to 36.2 million customers, and the Group offers telecommunications services in 11 countries.