In August, the most watched TV was TV Nova


Nova TV in August was the most watched TV station in Croatia. In prime time Nova TV achieved 30.5 percent of the audience and 22.9 percent of viewers throughout the day in the general population.

According to a survey conducted by Nielsen Audience Measurement, the second most viewers in prime time had BBC1 with 14.4 percent, while the RTL television in prime time viewer watched 14.3 and HTV2 watched by 13.8 percent viewers. The share of viewership HTV during the day in August was 18.8 percent for the first and 13.6 percent for the second program of HTV. RTL has at the same time on a daily basis seized to the fourth place with 12.9 percent of the viewership. Nova TV continues to hold first place by far the most watched news program with 10.7 per cent of viewers, while the central news HRT and RTL have equal 6.3 or 6.2 percent of the viewership.