In a few clicks to an up to date review of the situation in the Croatian economy


Aware that today more than ever it is needed in the shortest possible period of time to get information on the basis of which to make business decisions, Bisnode, a leading provider of business information in Croatia has developed a Smart Vision, a unique macroeconomic tool that provides daily updated view of the situation in Croatian economy.

"Smart Vision is a tool for those who are in need of a detailed view of the Croatian economy, regardless of whether the terms of the macro position or there is a need for micro-targeting. It can be used by absolutely everyone, not just mayors and county prefects, although at first glance it seems that is dedicated exclusively to them, "says Benjamin Cerovac, CEO ofBisnode. Although it is based on a comprehensive and complex base of over 350 million records, in a few clicks you can get required verified and current information. In addition, there are available data on closed businesses and those who are in the process of pre-bankruptcy settlement, and the data can be analyzed both at the level of the economy, and at the level of 6 regions, 21 counties, 128 cities and 428 municipalities.