The new Government, in the first session, sent a Bill on the Reconstruction of Earthquake-Damaged Buildings to the Parliament


Presenting the Bill on the Reconstruction of Buildings Damaged by the Earthquake, Prime Minister Plenković expressed the desire to reach the widest possible consensus on that law with other parties and all stakeholders. “We want the legal framework for the reconstruction of the city of Zagreb to be clear, transparent and enforceable,” he said, emphasizing that the issue of financing the construction renovation of buildings is especially important and will be put through using a model where 60% of reconstruction will be financed by the Government, 20% by the local authority units and 20% by owners.

Opening today’s 1st session of the Government in the new term and the 15th convocation, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković congratulated all members of the Government on the trust they all received yesterday from the majority of members of the Croatian Parliament.

He once again thanked his fellow citizens for the trust they gained in the elections for the Croatian Parliament on 5 July and the partners within the parliamentary majority for their cooperation in drafting the Government Program, expressing the wish that everyone work together for Croatia on the Program goals.

Speaking about the first item on the agenda, the current situation and activities related to coronavirus, Prime Minister Plenković said that he expects Deputy Prime Ministers Božinović and Ministers Beroš and Grlić Radman and Minister Brnjac to work closely together in the coming days to communicate with other countries about measures which are being undertaken in Croatia with the ambition to maintain the best possible tourist season.