Extraordinary Assembly


Zagreb, November 2015 – The extraordinary assembly of the Foreign Investors Council (FIC) was organized today at the headquaerters of Siemens.

After opening the Assembly the President of FIC Mr. Mladen Fogec presented the newly appointed Secretary-General of FIC Mr. Igor Zgrabljić. In his opening remarks Mr. Zgrabljić said that FIC will continue with its proactive and a partnership role with the Croatian Government and all relevant institutions for the interests of FIC members and foreign investors in Croatia. FIC will give emphasis to the organization of forums, conferences and round tables, which will aim to articulate specific problems of FIC members, to propose solutions to these problems and offer these solutions to the Croatian Government and the relevant institutions responsible for their implementation. FIC activities will focus on the development of relations between members, active communication with the public and further development of FIC as "opinion maker" on the economic and political scene of Croatia.

President of the FIC Mr. Mladen Fogec emphasized his satisfaction with the selection of the new Secretary-General, and noted that he is looking forward to the "new wind" that arrived with this appointment.

Foreign Investors Council in Croatia was founded with the aim of promoting and improving the conditions and potential investments in the Republic of Croatia with a focus on providing support and counselling to all state institutions responsible for strengthening the investment climate.