How to become a member

To become a member of the Foreign Investors Council it is necessary to:

  • Fill-in the application.
  • Accept the goals and the Statute of the FIC
  • Obtain approval from FIC Board of Directors
  • Pay the entry and membership fee

The fees are denominated in euro and payable in kuna at the official CNB middle exchange rate at the date of payment.

Godišnja članarina:
Annual Membership Fee type (Company size) Company turnover in previous year Fee in EUR per year
Small and Individual Up to 1 mil. EUR 500,00 EUR
Medium From 1 to 10 mil. EUR 1.000,00 EUR
Corporate From 10 to 100 mil. EUR 2.000,00 EUR
Patron More than 100 mil. EUR  3.000,00 EUR
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